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Are you concerned about things related to your garage door? Here you will find useful tips

Make sure the opener complies with UL 325

Electric garage door openers must comply with all UL 325 regulations. This means that they must have built-in mechanisms that reverse upon sensing resistance, and open fully if they fail to close within 30 seconds. Such regulations are important for your safety and so you must check that your new opener has these features.

Learn more about garage doors before replacement

Today, there are many options in regard to garage door materials and electric operators. Since garage door replacement is not an annual sport, you should check out your options carefully and thoroughly before you take decisions. You should choose based on your needs, local climate and requirements of the new door (its weight).

Using car wax on your garage door

Car wax is a good cleaning or polishing product to use on your metal garage door’s surface. Our experts in garage door maintenance say that it can be used on a metallic door panel to maintain its luster and make it moisture resistant. Car wax can also be applied to the garage door tracks.

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